Do you offer delivery?

            No, orders are pick-up only.

Where can I find preparation directions?

            Directions are listed in the product descriptions.

How does the consignment work?

            Consignment is automatically charged at checkout. A reimbursement will be issued when containers are returned with the order number.  Returns can be made during our regular business hours or pick-up days and time.

Is there minimum order amount?


Can I use my Bistro 1843 restaurant gift certificate for the Maketplace?

            Yes. You will be charged in full for your order. You must present your gift certificate upon pickup for validation. A reimbursement will be issued for the value of the gift certificate.

Can I make a dinner reservation for Bistro 1843 through the Bistro 1843-Marketplace?

            No. Reservations for Bistro 1843 are made by phone only.